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Laws are something that we as a people has to abide, whether we like it or not, as laws bind us together in order. But sometimes, some countries have strange laws that sound a bit unbelievable to be true, and here we have listed those peculiar rules in this article. Make sure to read this article so that you wouldn’t be doing those laws when you visit these countries, as a fine or penalties for silly mistakes, will not be a fun experience to have.

Chewing gums in Singapore

bubble gum
The first rule that we’re telling you is well known both for Singaporeans and for tourists, and yes chewing gums are strictly prohibited in Singapore. Although it sounds strange, it does serve a purpose behind, which is to keep the public place clean with no chewing gums under the seat of a bus or the train. Chewing gums are banned, but dental or nicotine gums are an exception, but just to play safe, you better not chew any chewing gums while in Singapore, or else you’re going to pay a hefty amount of fine.

Feeding the birds in Venice

There’s a law in Venice where you’re not allowed to feed the birds; the fine can go up to $700, which is not a small amount to pay. The reasons are simple, most of the people there feed the birds with white bread, which has been proven that it’s terrible for the bird’s health while also bad for the monuments over there.

Wearing high heels in Greece

High heels are sexy, but stick to sneakers or flat shoes when you’re visiting Greece historical monuments for some sightseeing. The reason why they’re banning high heels are due to damaged ancient monuments despite their preservation efforts, so make sure to ditch your favorite stilettos when you’re sightseeing in Greece.

Stepping on currency in Thailand

A tip for us is when you saw a penny on the ground is not to step on it, pick it up if you want but never step on the penny. Stepping on a currency besides rude is considered impolite. Thailand is ruled by a king, and most of their currency has their king’s face on the money, which means if you’re stepping on the penny it’s the same as disrespecting their king, so never step on any paper money or penny in Thailand if you don’t want weird stares or glares from the locals.